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FEAR THE LIVING (Short Film) [13 Jun 2011|04:15pm]


Fear the Living is a pretty cool little zombie flick I did my first year at film school. Let me know what you guys think.


When the dead walk the earth, we must fear the living.

Fear the Living is the tale of a wanderer who stumbles upon an old farmhouse that seems to have electricity amidst a zombie apocalypse. What's waiting for him inside is far more fearsome than anything he has yet encountered. Fear the Living portrays the cruelty that we can deliver to our fellow man, within our darkest hours.

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Myanmar/China charity fund raiser [27 May 2008|10:58am]

Details are here: http://zombiehunters.org/myanmar-china.php

You can donate by clicking the button below:
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Zombie Movies in St. Louis, MO [30 Mar 2008|12:22pm]

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Fruits of our Labor for ZS in 2007 [08 Mar 2008|12:43pm]

ZS totals for 2007:
- $6195.20 donated to charity
- 136 pints or blood or 17 Gallons of blood
- ~5000 lbs of food
- 56 volunteer hours
- hosted 2 disaster prep education seminars
- hosted 1 Disaster Fair
- Number of people eaten by Zombies: 0

The breakdown:

Direct Relief Aid: $525.00
Feed My People: $470.00
Youth in Need: $2100.00
Juvenile Diabetes research foundation: $264
Red Cross for Greensburg, KS: $2701.00
Project S.H.A.R.E. $135.20
Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ: 2,345 lbs of canned food
Feed My People: estimated over 2,000 lbs of canned food
Blood: 136 usable units of blood (177 attempted donors, 34 First time donors)
Habitat for Humanity home build in Fort Smith, Arkansas: 1 day with 7 ZS members
Disaster Awareness Fair: 1
Disaster preparation seminar @ Dragon con
Disaster preparation seminar @ Tin Ceiling Community Theater
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For those of you in St. Louis... [04 Mar 2008|07:05pm]

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hi! [25 Feb 2008|01:17pm]

hey my name's tera and zombiesquad is exactly what i've always been looking for, but didn't know existed. two problems, though:
  1. i live in kansas city, not stl, so i have to recruit if i wanted to start a chapter, and
  2. i know jack shit about survival stuff, but have an intense interest, the internet, and a library card.
do any of you know what the best way to go about getting a chapter started is? or any tips? or something helpful?

and slightly related but slightly not, i just found out the other day that my boyfriend has NEVER seen ANY zombie movies. we were watching 28 weeks later and he kept asking questions that would seem dumb to us, like "so do they turn into one when they bite regular people?" ha. i'm planning on having a giant zombie movie day, and am looking up interersting movies that i've not seen myself. besides the 28s, of the deads, living deads, dead alive, blah blah blah, do you have any suggestions that i might not have heard before?
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[21 Feb 2008|09:49pm]

dont know how many people here watch The Colbert Report, but he had an advocate of entomophagy the other night. Colbert didnt quite have the cojones to taste one, but it got me to thinking.

As mentioned before, insects are an excellent source of nutrition and are as edible as the mammalian creatures we are so fond of eating. Insects however convert nutrients with far greater efficiency, meaning that feed stock goes a lot further. Insects are far far easier to raise, require less space and reach maturity far faster. One could easily maintain a mealworm or cricket farm in a small apartment, cattle or chickens require wide open spaces, special care and handling etc.

If one were to find oneself in a Z-day or other survival scenario, insect stock might be one of the best survival investments they could make.

I've never tried any insect based foods, but I am curious. I don't understand the deep seeded revulsion so many Westerners have against the mere concept.

I read that tarantula tastes like shellfish along the lines of crab/lobster, which makes me REALLY want to try that, I saw a Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern where he had a tarantula in New York and it made me genuinely hungry.
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Ash Wednesday [05 Feb 2008|10:11pm]

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Nerd-o-riffic!! [18 Jan 2008|10:04pm]

Against my better judgment... we do listen to requests. Due to popular demand we now have embroidered ZS polo shirts. Go check them out in the ZS store.

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Zombie Squad Trivia Charity - St. Louis, MO [08 Oct 2007|04:59pm]

Click here for detailsCollapse )

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[24 Sep 2007|11:14am]

ztales has begun.
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Zombie Squad Commercial - Always Ready! [21 Sep 2007|04:12pm]

New YouTube video: http://zombiehunters.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21419

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Zombie Squad on Digg.com [13 Sep 2007|11:08am]

Digg it!!

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Zombie Squad interview on KWMU [17 Aug 2007|03:05pm]

Featured Story on the front page: http://kwmu.org

In case it moves soon, here is a direct link to the interview: http://publicbroadcasting.net/kwmu/news.newsmain?action=article&ARTICLE_ID=1132102

A longer version of this interview is supposed to be syndicated to an NPR show called "Weekend America" soon.
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Zombification [31 Jul 2007|05:55pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

For my Birthday, my wife got me exactly what I wanted. And it kicks ass.

Me, Pre Zombification.

And me Post Zombification.

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Zombie Squad - Movie Festival and Disaster Awareness Fair - 07/21/2007 - St. Louis, MO [09 Jul 2007|05:30pm]

On July 21st at 6pm Zombie Squad will be hosting a Disaster Awareness Fair in the south parking lot of Schlafly Tap Room and Brewery @ 2100 Locust Street (at 21st) in St. Louis, MO.

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[25 May 2007|03:11pm]

Zombie Squad forums mentioned on Michael Bane pod cast this week:
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Zombie Squad relief fund for Greensburg, Kansas [13 May 2007|06:20pm]

On May 4, 2007 an EF5 tornado crashed through the small Kansas town of Greensburg. Eleven people were killed, and thousands more left destitute and homeless:

As you know, Zombie Squad's mission is not only to prepare for disasters, but to do our part to help communities cope with them when they do occur. To accomplish that mission, we are collecting funds to donate for disaster relief in this area.

The funds will be donated to the Midway-Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross. Why not just donate money directly? There's nothing wrong with that. If you don't feel comfortable donating to the ZS fund then please don't let that stop you from donating directly! However, You get cool stuff if you donate with us:

1) The first 100 to donate $20 or more to the ZS collection will receive a special edition ZS dog tag, similar to the Katrina relief effort tags.
2) If you're a member of our discussion forum, you'll get a cool banner under your name until the end of the year.

How can you pass that up? We hope this will encourage those to give who might not normally donate otherwise.

NOTE: Every penny donated for this drive will go to the Red Cross chapter that is actively helping the people affected by the disaster. Zombie Squad will be purchasing the dog tags and covering all administration fees, including handling fees and paypal charges, etc.

You can donate by checking out the pay options here:

No one should wake up to this:
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Dragon Con 2007 [05 Apr 2007|02:13pm]

We've been invited to run a big "Zombie Survival" seminar at Dragon Con this year.

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Canned Food Drive @ the Royale - Sat 3/31/07 [16 Mar 2007|09:36am]

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