tera (rehired) wrote in zombiesquad,


hey my name's tera and zombiesquad is exactly what i've always been looking for, but didn't know existed. two problems, though:
  1. i live in kansas city, not stl, so i have to recruit if i wanted to start a chapter, and
  2. i know jack shit about survival stuff, but have an intense interest, the internet, and a library card.
do any of you know what the best way to go about getting a chapter started is? or any tips? or something helpful?

and slightly related but slightly not, i just found out the other day that my boyfriend has NEVER seen ANY zombie movies. we were watching 28 weeks later and he kept asking questions that would seem dumb to us, like "so do they turn into one when they bite regular people?" ha. i'm planning on having a giant zombie movie day, and am looking up interersting movies that i've not seen myself. besides the 28s, of the deads, living deads, dead alive, blah blah blah, do you have any suggestions that i might not have heard before?
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