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Canned Food Drive @ the Royale - Sat 3/31/07

During the storms last July and the following snow storms a few months later, well over 500,000 St. Louis residents and businesses lost power which destroyed much of the perishable food and drained a lot of the local food pantry charities. We would like to applaud everyone who opened up their homes and businesses or donated their personal time to help others in need during these power outages.

To do our part, Zombie Squad will be hosting another night of Zombie movies at The Royale to help replenish some of the non-perishable stored food that was used to help people through the storms in July and December 2006. Come join us for "good" movies, great food, and unique drinks at the Royale while doing something for your community!

When: Saturday March 31th 2007 @ Movies start when it gets dark (probably 7:00pm-ish)

Where: The Royale @ 3132 S. Kingshighway

What to bring: Cans/jars of food. At least 5, but more are very appreciated. We especially need items that are high in protein such as spam, canned meats, stews and peanut butter. Prizes for most number of cans brought.

You also might want to bring an extra chair, just in case. Last time it was standing room only!

Why: To benefit Feed My People, who used much of their supplies due to the power outages from the storms last year.

If you have any questions about the event, or if you need us to bring an armored truck to help you carry all your can goods that you plan to donate, give us a call at 1-888-495-4052 or email us at

Go spread the word, and bring some friends!

Click here for for info:

Here are some pictures of the canned food drive from last year.

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